The Evidence Partnership can provide a wide range of services for the public and private sector worldwide

Our experienced consultants, expert witnesses, forensic investigators and trainers can provide independent case reviews for both prosecution and defence teams. We can also provide training in all aspects of forensic evidence gathering and forensic science techniques.

Working internationally, The Evidence Partnership Limited has provided services from independent case reviews to international evidence recovery services. Our teams have also undertaken large forensic and policing assessment projects in Europe and South America on behalf of international organisations to great success.


Consultant Services, Expert Witnesses and Legal Services

Our ever increasing database of forensic and policing experts can provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of legal professionals, law enforcement agencies, international organisations and more…

The Evidence Partnership Limited and our experts have undertaken projects in Germany, Turkey and Mexico as well as providing services in the United Kingdom and China. Our experts can review evidence, procedures and also review how law enforcement agencies operate. Our work has included projects for prosecution and defence teams, insurance companies, the United Nations (UNODC) and the European Union.

Consultant Forensic Scientists

Our highly qualified and experienced consultant scientists are accredited forensic experts recognised by the courts. They can assist with:

Case Review

They can conduct a review of the original scientist’s notes and conclusions to ensure the use of standard examination procedures and confirmation of the conclusions reached.

Independent Advice

They are able to provide advice on any further examination or re-examination if required.

Independent Examination

They can also re-examine exhibits if necessary and provide expert witness statements.

Areas of Expertise Provided:

 Forensic Photography

Our expert forensic photographers can review and report on specialist photography methods and provide forensic photography services as required.

Digital Investigations

Our Qualified and accredited experts can examine computers and any type of digital storage such as mobile phones, satellite navigation systems, USB memory sticks, MP3 players, memory cards, CD’s, DVD’s, printers and fax machines.

They can provide court reports and attend court to explain their findings in plain English.

Audio and Video Enhancement and Analysis

Our audio and video experts can clarify images and compare objects in images with actual objects.

They can undertake facial comparison and carry out complex work such as de-multiplexing, masking and highlighting. They undertake case reviews and prepare court reports.

Collision Investigation

Our accredited experts can provide expert reports containing scale plans, scientific and mathematical calculations, scene photographs and collision scene analysis. Technical vehicle examinations and tacho-graph analysis are also provided.

Information Analysis and Charting

Complex cases can provide many challenges for the courts. Our expert intelligence analyst can provide information and data of any kind in flow charts, timelines and relationship charts making it easy to read and understand.

Policing and Investigation Advisors

Our experienced policing advisors can review and provide reports to enable advising solicitors to make representations.

This includes examination of the circumstances surrounding the initial arrest and replies made.

As well as the above, they can review the defendant’s detention, interview, the charge and that the charge and bail/in custody procedures comply with the P.A.C.E. Act 1984.

Review of the pre-case disclosure records, including custody records, statements, tape transcriptions, surveillance logs etc to check if they are consistent with the evidence presented.

Crime Scene Survey and Reconstruction

Using state of the art laser imaging our experts can recreate a scene, and in cases where the field of vision is in dispute, demonstrate the individual’s view point.

To find out more about our Forensic Experts please visit: http://evidencepartnership.com/our-experts/

The Evidence Partnership Limited offers a wide variety of forensic training courses that can be catered to your needs. Some of the courses we are able to offer include the following the following:
  • Collision Investigation and Reconstruction
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Digital Forensics inc. audio and visual enhancement
  • Evidence Management
  • Evidence Recovery
  • Fingerprint Investigation and Training
  • Forensic Interviewing
  • Forensic Photography
  • Handling of Suspicious Substances at the Scene
  • Sexual Offences

To find out more about the training we can offer please visit: http://evidencepartnership.com/training-courses/

 Forensic Products and Training Aids

The Evidence Partnership Limited works with companies from around the world to provide you with the best range of forensic products available. We aim to be able to source everything you may need at the best possible price. Using our company contact we can source evidence bags, DNA swabs, crime scene lighting and much more. If you require any product, please contact us and let us do the hard work and source it for you. Unsure what product you will require? Do not worry our team can help by discussing your needs with you and will recommend the right tools for you.

open3We would like to introduce you to our CONFIRMiD personal identification pack

Why do my clients need it?

No-one likes to think it will happen to them but in today’s uncer-tain world no-one should ignore the possibility. When anyone is caught up in a major disaster, be it natural or man made, the loss is tragic.

For high personal worth and high profile individuals it is even more costly as business and personal affairs can be frozen whilst your identity is confirmed.

Establishing identity can be just as traumatic as the loss for those left behind

The procedures are intrusive, involving the search of your home to find fingerprint and DNA to match to you. The need to take elimination or familial samples and the necessary questions about height etc. can be harrowing and in many cases the answers can be wrong.

In some cases such things as height can be under or over estimated by three inches.

open1The pack allows the legal authorities to have your biometrics available quickly in the knowledge they are yours, speeding up the identification process, allowing your family closure .

The biometric collection process is quick and confidential and is included in the price.

How secure is the data?

The data is taken by professional forensic experts and each item is sealed before being placed in a secure sealed box. This box is handed to your client for them to store with their lawyer or any other secure storage provider.

Nothing is placed on a database so there is no possibility that data can be accessed by hacking or other electronic means.

For more information please contact Allan Scott on allan.scott@evidencepartnership.com



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